Each Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) honors figures whose leadership has significantly contributed to the advance of personalized medicine. You are cordially invited to an exclusive reception to recognize the achievements and accomplishments of PMWC 2015 Oxford Honorary, Dr. Jonathan Knowles, a global opinion leader in Personalized Medicine. Notably as President of Group Research and Member of the Executive Committee at Roche, he developed and implemented a strategy of highly effective therapies based on personalized healthcare. Furthermore, his commitment to working with public and private organizations around the world to rapidly progress the implementation of individualized health approaches is tremendous. His outstanding contributions have helped made therapies more effective through advanced diagnostics that attempt to cure rather than treat the disease.

Date & Agenda

When: April 15, 2015

Award Ceremony Agenda:

7:00PM Networking, appetizers and cocktails
7:45PM Opening words: Peter Donnelly
7:50PM Luminary intro: Jonathan Sheldon
8:00PM Words by Honoree: Jonathan Knowles
8:10PM Networking, appetizers and cocktails
8:30PM Closing


Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Parks Rd, Oxford OX1 3PW, United Kingdom
+44 1865 272950


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